Mounds Sisters Launch Business To Accommodate Busy Family Lives

Mounds Sisters Launch Business To Accommodate Busy Family Lives

Three sisters from Mounds have opened a shop that gives them the flexibility to work while caring for their special-needs children.

The women said traditional hours do not work for their families, so they collaborate on a business based on teamwork.

The business owners said they are proud to have the town's only custom t-shirt shop, boutique and salon. They said they hope what they have here will help their children and leave a legacy.

Sisters Kassie Craig, Ashley Allen and Heather Adler said they started printing t-shirts from home a year ago.

"A traditional 9 to 5 job just did not work for us between doctor's appointments and therapy, and so we needed something that... we were always together and we wanted to make an income," said Kassie Craig.

As the sisters use their unique talents and experiences, their business grew.

They turned an old building in Mounds into Okie Sisters Tees, Salon and Boutique and moved in a month ago.

"It's really kind of chaotic, like a good chaotic so people can come in and feel just like a part of our family,” explained Ashley Allen. We do live sales all the time on like Facebook, so they already kind of feel like they're a sister."

The sisters even collaborate with locals to sell clothes and car fresheners at their business.

The business is also one of only 20 in the country to sell the Bass, Bucks and Birds outdoor brand.

The sisters said their motivation to succeed are their seven combined children, four of whom have special needs, which makes their business model even more important.

"I love the flexibility because if one of us have to step away for appointments, for therapy or for doctor's appointments or whatever, the other two can usually fill in," said Heather Adler.

The sisters hope to give back to the community. For example, Mounds does not have any restaurants, so most Saturdays, the sisters are bringing food trucks here.

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