Creek County Family Of 9 Loses Home & Pets To Fire

Creek County Family Of 9 Loses Home & Pets To Fire

A Creek County family of nine has lost everything after a fire destroyed their home.

In addition to all of their belongings, they also lost three of their dogs. They said they are thankful their kids weren't home.

"Opened the door to go into the house and it was full of smoke, didn't really notice the house was on fire because it's not something that you think of when you come home," said Josh Floyd.

Josh Floyd said it didn't take long to realize how serious it was, and he called 911 and raced inside to save his dogs.

His wife Katy had left the house only 30 minutes earlier and everything was fine.

"I feel like I'm still kind of numb to all of it, I've had a few days to cry and be sad about it, it's just one of those things that takes time to get over it," Katy said.

While they've lost all of their personal belongings, Katy said she knows it could be worse.

"Everything can eventually be replaceable but our babies can't and neither can we," Katy said.

Josh said Keystone Volunteer Department came to help as well as the Sand Springs Fire Department.

He said he's been blown away by the support that day and since.

"We're not the type of people to ask for help, so it's really huge for us, that's something that's hard of us.. to take help, so the thank you's we just can't say enough thank you's," he said.

The family is staying in a hotel for now, but hope things will get better soon.

"God has a plan for us, it'll all work out in the end, whatever it is, it'll be better," Josh said.

Katy said Plum Nutrition in Prattville is taking donations for the family. 

You can also click here for an online fundraiser.