City Of Broken Arrow Launches New Billing System

City Of Broken Arrow Launches New Billing System

The city of Broken Arrow has a new billing system that starts next week, which should be much more efficient for customers. 

"It's going to be a more secure, user friendly convenient experience for our customers," Aaron McColloch with the City of Broken Arrow said.

The new billing system will have a "Pay Now" option for quick payments without registering an account.

Customers can also view and pay for multiple accounts, see payment history and check on month-to-month usage data.

McColloch said this is about giving flexibility and accessibility for Broken Arrow customers.

"Accessibility and ease of use is one of those conveniences that is important to everybody," McColloch said. "We're all running and gunning these days trying to get to kid's soccer practices, trying to make it home to make dinner...that sort of thing."

The new system is expected to be launched on June 27.

Sheree Schreiner said given the nationwide rise in rent, gas and utility costs; she is thankful for anything that makes life easier.

"It's not been hard on us, but it's been hard on a lot of people," Schreiner said. "Just bringing this around is like putting us all together in the same group....because that's what we need to be doing."

Because of the system changes, you won't be able to pay your bill from now until Monday June 27.

There will be no late fees or disconnects during that time.