Gas Prices At Record Levels Heading Into Summer Travel Season

Gas Prices At Record Levels Heading Into Summer Travel Season

AAA Oklahoma spokesperson Leslie Gamble says it may not make people feel better, but Oklahoma still has some of the cheapest gas in the nation. 

But it’s still way higher than this time last year when the national average was under 3 dollars. 

"We do have the third least expensive gas in the nation here in Oklahoma because of our proximity to oil production," said Gamble.

 As we get closer to summer, Gamble says more and more people are still looking to travel and are still booking trips.

 But with record-high prices, some are having to adjust how they do it. 

"You might want to stay in Oklahoma,” said Gamble. “Do something that doesn't require you to drive as far. Or we do have some people that are contacting triple A just to see about airfares." 

Airfares are also going up though as the price of jet fuel also increases.

Gamble says if you do plan to drive, there are some small things that can help, like making sure your car is serviced.

"Things we don't even think about like tire inflation,” said Gamble. “If your tires are not inflated appropriately, your car might use more gas."

She says also when running errands, plan your route ahead of time.

"Or just driving around for fun,” said Gamble. “That's probably not going to happen as much this year."

The bottom line though, AAA thinks high prices may be here to stay a while longer.

And expect to pay more when filling up.

"It is something that now we are much more intentional about," said Gamble.