LADIES: How Do You Spend Your "Me Time?"

A new survey by Netflix reveals that 97% of women say they had more 'me time' before motherhood.

Other findings:


71% of moms sneak in 'TV me time' in order to keep up with their favorite shows.



Top Ways Moms Sneak In TV Time


"Bathroom sneak” (40%)


''Beauty sneak” (27%)


“Hiding sneak” (21%)


“Health sneak” (15%)


“Carpool sneak” (15%).




Top Shows Moms Sneak In ...


The Walking Dead


Grey’s Anatomy


Orange is the New Black




13 Reasons Why




How to Get Away With Murder


Once Upon A Time


Fuller House


Gilmore Girls


*Please notice that WKRP in Cincinnati is NOT on that list.  Netflix no longer distributes it.  I think my wife had something to do with it. Thus, "binge watching" as I knew it is now a thing of the past.


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