Help Our Tulsa Honor Guard with Funeral Travel

Van a Total Loss After Tulsa Tornado

These are the men who bury our soldiers... 

It is the responsibility of the The 5th District VFW Honor Guard to provide the proper military honors at the funerals of our area service men and women.  The Honor Guard makes the funeral a respectful, honorable experience for the fallen soldier and their family.  They are are responsible for the rifle salutes, taps and folding/presenting of the flag. They're asked to help with funerals all over Northeastern Oklahoma, sometimes even Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas. These Honor Guard veterans work six days a week and sometimes perform several funerals a day on a totally volunteer basis. The Honor Guard travels over 10,000 miles per year and are currently without a vehicle. First, a freak accident damaged their existing van and while it was sitting waiting for repair, was damaged and called a total loss in the 2017 Tulsa Tornado.  Please donate HERE or email to help provide the 5th District VFW Honor Guard with transportation to perform their duties for our fallen soldiers and their families.

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