Habitat For Humanity Breaks Ground On New Townhomes In Kendall Whittier

Habitat For Humanity Breaks Ground On New Townhomes In Kendall Whittier

Residents in the Kendall Whittier district will soon have some new neighbors. Green Country Habitat for Humanity is starting construction on new townhomes near Admiral and Lewis.

There is a waitlist of 80 families that are hoping to get in to the 23 townhomes that will be ready in 2022.

“It’s very, very exciting and it is truly to see this actually starting it is a celebration and it will be completely transformational for this neighborhood," said Vicki Jordan with Boomtown Development.

Jordan said the townhomes are giving people a chance to own a home in a growing Tulsa neighborhood. 

“It will be all owner-occupied townhomes, mixed income. Some will be workforce housing so a little bit up in that income ban and the others will be habitat homes," said Jordan.  

The townhomes are three bedroom, two bathrooms, and a single car garage at the corner of Lewis and Admiral. 

“We have not officially gone live with offering these units, but I imagine the moment we do they will be selected in less than a month. So, we’re very excited about that," said Cameron Walker, CEO of Green Country Habitat for Humanity.

Walker said he's excited for construction to start and for the families to move in next year. 

“The families that are going in here, these are hard-working families. They are all employed, they have children. They want to set up stakes here,” said Walker. “These are going to be owner occupied units. So, these are all families that are going to be adding to the fabric of the Kendell Whittier neighborhood,"

More information for how you can apply for the townhomes here.