One More Reason To Hate My Pal Rich

EAT BACON, LIVE LONG               

Could bacon be the key to a long, healthy life?

It sounds like a dream-come-true and we have no scientific evidence to suggest a link between bacon and longevity. But what we do have is 109-year-old Ruth Benjamin of Illinois.

Ruth recently celebrated her birthday and was asked for the key to a long life. She credits her longevity to no cigarettes, no liquor, a healthy marriage and a love of bacon.

Her doctor believes her longevity has more to do with her positive attitude than any love of bacon. But, hey, who are we to argue with her?

*My pal Rich lives in Hawaii, is the same age as I am and owns a classic 1976 convertible Corvette. He is currently single and eats bacon by the bucket. I'd say that too would contribute to a 'positive attitude.' My prediction is that he will live to be at least 111, which is coincidentally the number of bacon strips he consumed last week. ~Josh

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