Andy Barber Bio

When you meet me, be prepared to shake my hand and get a business card! :)

I was born in Glendale, CA and raised in North Hollywood,  California…attending schools in Sun Valley & North Hollywood where I fell in love with radio…there were FOUR Top 40 radio stations at the time in Los Angeles!

I also wanted to be an actor, too…having attended 4 acting schools before turning 18, and then…broadcast school! After being in The Air Force, I started my Radio Career at KEYN-AM-FM in Wichita, KS.

After learning about the biz for 3 years, I won radio DJ of The Year and my Career took off I went to KUDL- Kansas City,  Then KSTP in Minneapolis, KING in Seattle, KREM Spokane, KROQ Los Angeles, KYTE Portland, KULF Houston, KTNQ Los Angeles, KMJK Portland, KHITS Seattle, WIFV Jacksonville, KAYI-FM Tulsa, KCPX Salt Lake City, WRKA Louisville and then…106.9 KHITS Tulsa(started that one) and 92.1 KISS-FM also KOOL 106.1 and Ten Years at STAR-103 and now in my 24th Year of Tulsa Radio Mornings at KBEZ 92.9 BOB-FM!

Along the way I've lived next door to rock stars, met some of the greatest radio names of all time, and done thousands of live appearances in Tulsa alone.

I've truly had a very blessed long career on the air. I love working with people and missed being around them so much, I took a job at Sam’s Club as a door greeter before landing here at 92.9 The Drive.


I love Tulsa…that’s why I close every show with “Tulsa, keep the pride showing!” And after The Morning Show you'll find me @The Tobacco Pouch enjoy a cigar....




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